History of the DawnRunners Pack

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2019 - Sterling's Arrival

Upon arriving into the Stein Valley, Sterling Kintex--Granddaughter to SummerStar Kintex, managed to find her Cousin, SilverPaws Kintex. While she told Sterling she could no longer lead DawnRunners, she allowed Sterling the honor of leading the pack if she chose to after losing her home. Sterling hesitated, but acknowledged this and decided to make a pack after finding Neumireu. Together, they decided to reform the DawnRunners Wolfpack. Acendus then later on joined the pack, making three of them part of the DawnRunners. Sterling is in hopes that the pack grows, as they were in a perfect location to have a pack.

2015 - Strong Year & Even Stronger Future

As the cold winter passes into the new year, the pack struggled with a storm and some trespassers. Currently, a strange creature called the Yeti, has decided to make its whereabouts known. The scent of this beast was near the clearing, as well as strong throughout the territory. Weary, the pack was under caution as no one was allowed to leave alone, unless given permission by the Alpha herself. The pack grew stronger with wolves taking on ranks; Susista as a strong Caretaker, with Mishka in-training, Kajika became our Sentinel in-training, along with Chisu taking on a council role, as Delta.

Out patrolling one day, the Alpha was unaware of the strangers that were making themselves known again, and her curiosity got the best of her. Deciding to break her own rule, she proceeded off into the forest alone, after the Yeti that she grew tired of worrying about...only to never be seen of again. The pack worries, as Chisu took on leadership role to bring the pack together, and hunt down where their missing Alpha went! They hope she is safe. With the Alpha missing, Chisu took over the reins as she guided the pack while looking for the missing Alpha. Many searches were made, as the Yeti were closing into their lands, though traces of the Alpha were faint.

A Dark Grove was located, however the Pack did not investigate - but SilverPaws was within. The Yeti had no intentions of harming her, but helped her recover. Once she was back on her paws, she left the grove, and finally to be located by her fellow packmates. With the worries of winter out of the way, and summer just around the corner, they decided to rest and enjoy the moments in the sun...before the snow arrived once more.

Fall approached as the leaves began to fall, although the heat did not fade right away. Tahir had returned with his Father, whom decided to join the pack shortly after his visit, and Tahir promoted to Hunter. The clearing seemed quiet, even if there were rumors of hunting season. The colder weather approached, as worries of humans closing into the territory was known. Not only that, but the Pack has met a strange, feral human that goes by "V". The Pack has teamed up with this feral human, to investigate the humans that were building a fence, and causing an issue with the hunting area. The newly aquired leader; Beta Chisu, discovered with the others, that the humans were no harm to the pack or their food supply, as they quickly left after finishing.

2014 - The Legend's Daughter

SilverPaws has brought her tired paws back to a clearing she knew was once home to her and many others, including her Mother. While her Mother is too old to lead, she promised her Mother, she would make it flourish once more. Marking territory to ensure those know wolves will once flourish the clearing, she remains positive about becoming Alpha, and perhaps making this pack home once again.

The Clearing had already been bustling with life. First, a wolf named Serenia made her way, and finally after some rest, decided to join. It wasn't long after that, a brute named Roukan also found his way to the clearing, and during a difficult time where poachers were seen, scouting the area and setting traps for the wolves. After assisting SilverPaws with the issue, he finally agreed to join the pack, seeing this as a great home. The legacy moves on, as many have come into the clearing, desiring to be part of the legacy that once thrived in the past, and SilverPaws plans on making her Mother proud.

Few meetings came by, and while Silver was glad to have her pack flourish, the moment Roukan became packmember, him and his court left. It had shaken the pack, even with just minimal wolves leaving...it made her concerned regarding if she's doing anything right as an Alpha. She is in hopes, with the poachers slowly getting away from the clearing, that maybe some good luck will shine their way.

Many new scents have approached the troubled clearing ever since the departure of Roukan, Calla & Alastar. However, several other wolves emerged into the clearing to see what this pack was all about. New scents linger, but more traps seem to be emerging. Migration was spoke about by the Alpha, and new packmate Chisu, with a new pledge, Kajika, both have agreed to go north with SilverPaws when the pack moves.

Archive History

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