We welcome you to the DawnRunners Wolfpack. We were founded in 2005 by Silverlune Kintex, and reborn in 2019 by Sterling Kintex--A Wolfess within the lineage.

Please give yourself a moment to familiarize with all of our guides and introductions. If you're already knowledged, then proceed ahead.


About Us

The DawnRunners Wolfpack, is a Free-Form, Roleplay style pack that thrives on tight bonds - much like a realistic pack would. While semi-realistic, we still aim to stay as close to realism as possible. We use a chat program called mIRC, which allows active roleplay to occur, without the long waits. IRC Wolf Roleplay has been around since 1995, and has influenced many since then. Our pack is friendly, but take the role of a DawnRunner seriously. Please do not fill out an application, if you have no desire to stick around. Sometimes, patience is key.

Download mIRC


  • Must be 14+ (With some exceptions). OOC channel can have some crude humor; However, we do allow exceptions through Council discussions. Any younger will come to a council decision.
  • Read the Pack Laws, Territory, familiarize with the pack. Attend events.
  • Must be loyal, dedicated, and have the true wolven spirit within them.
  • Please note; Assessment periods can vary. It depends on your activity and devotion to the pack.

    How to get to us

  • First, you can download mIRC. It's free, and virus-free. Trust me.
  • If you can't do that, you can go to our java applet here.
  • If you end up using the applet, be sure to use #dr*ooc for the ooc channel.
  • Do not go into #dawnrunners until you know for certain you can go IC!
  • Please enter using a wolf name!