We welcome you to the DawnRunners Wolfpack. We were founded in 2005 by Silverlune Kintex, and reborn in 2019 by Sterling Kintex--A Wolfess within the lineage.


Pack News 2019
5/8/19 - Pack Meeting. OOC Topic in regards to RP Nights.
  • Please check Facebook Group for a poll regarding RP Nights!
  • Let's try and keep activity going! Recruit if you know anyone into wolfrp or even werewolf rp.

    4/11/19 - Pack Hunt was lead by Sterling. Sterling, Ace, Metal and Chisu ventured into new territory to bring down a Caribou that put up a fight. A feast however for the pack!

    4/6/19 - Chisu returns to the Pack. Welcome home!

    4/5/19 - Pack Meeting held! Log Here
  • Neumireu became Beta Male!
  • Acendus promoted to Scout in-training! Good luck~
  • MetalStorm returned to the pack. Welcome back! <3
  • Sterling turns 6 years old!

    3/24/19 - Pack Meeting for April 5th @ 6pm EST! (5pm CST) (3pm PST) (11pm UK)
  • Everywolf must attend and those who wish to join!

    3/9/19 - Website Updated!
  • Clearing updated. We are located in British Columbia near Stein Valley.

    3/8/19 - Pack Meeting held! Log Here!
  • Welcome Acendus & Neumireu as Members!
  • Tahir returned and became an Honored Guest!
  • We are recruiting! All Assessment Applications should go here!

    3/2/19 - Pack Meeting; March 8th @ 7pm EST! (6pm CST!) (4pm PST) (12A UK)

    2/22/19 - Acendus joins Assessment!

    2/20/19 - Pack Established with Sterling and Neumireu.

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