Each pack has a set of ranks. They use them to organize the pack and give each wolf a specific job. They are trusted with this job, for not only they are skilled, but have knowledge and are abled to help others out when needed. Each wolf gets a rank, provided by the Council at a Pack Meeting.

Alpha Pair
Consists of normally Male and Female. These wolves are logically the parents of the pack, the highest respected of the whole, entire pack. They have the final say, and as well as always looked upon by many wolves. If the Alphas do not get the respect they deserve, they will normally demand it.

Beta Pair
The second-in-command. These are normally the Alphas' "Advisors" in a way, as they always give certain opinions, go to the Alphas if there are any conflicts, as well as take care of the Pack when the Alphas are not present. They normally demand high respect as well, and only listen to their Alphas.

Elder are the wise, those who retire from Alpha, Beta, and even Membership. They tell stories of knowledge, and teach the young and niave, to let them know there is more to life than seeking ranks. For Eldership, you must be in the pack for a few months, and must be over 6 years in age. Wolves who are granted Eldership, are highly respected.

Law Enforcers, also in pairs of Male and Female. Sentinels keep the Pack in line from any trouble. They are to be sure the pack is safe from any harm it may bring, and to bring them to safety upon the Leaders orders. They ensure the Laws are enforced in the pack, and to not be broken.

Hunters consists of both Male and Female, being the proud bringers of prey. They call for hunts when needed, lead them if necessary, and let the Pack know if the cache is low.

Packsitters. They maintain the Pack's health by making sure they rest and are treated well. They as well have to sacrifice, at most times, the will to hunt to take care of the ill, injured and the pups. However, their skills in healing makes up for it.

They can be recruiters as well as warners. They normally scout the area for perhaps warnings of prey moving away or predators moving in towards the Pack. Scouts as well can scout for new members, as long as they're not all ready in another Pack.

Subordinates is another term for the packmembers. They are the body of the pack, and very important part of the pack. Without them, the pack wouldn't be a pack. They are unranked wolves, that normally take care of the clearing when the Leaders are not around. They act like Guards, as well as they are the Hunters of the pack.

Pack Pups
Pack pups are the cute, little puppies of the Pack. They are normally the rascals you watch out for, for they will cause much havoc! They are the joy of the Pack.

The 'pupsitters' per say. They take care of the injured, and the pups when the pack is on a run to a Hunt and such. They are the lowest ranked wolves of the pack, being either wolves who are deranked, or wolves who lost respect to the pack and need to gain it once more. Many reasons, in a way. They could also be Assessments that came into the pack as Omegas.

Those who are wanting to join the pack, but have to be tested by their loyalty, and if the pack is home enough for them. The periods of Assessment can vary, depending on the wolf and if they are ready, as well as if the pack is ready to accept them into their home. Sometimes, the wolf will not be allowed to venture further, as they did not pass the test of Assessment.

Honored Guests
Honored Guests is not a rank, but a title to show the pack that these wolves are honored friends. They get same respect as they were part of the pack. Some wolves under this title are either part of another pack, or lone wolves that showed they are dedicated to the pack, however do not wish to join. They are important as well. In this pack, they act as Scouts.

Sister Packs
Not a rank, but in this pack, most get much respect due to they are sister packs with us. If an Alpha or Beta of the pack wanders in our clearing, they get the same respect as if they were your own Alpha and Beta. However, they still have to respect the rules in our pack, as we need to respect their pack rules. More about Sister Packs later.