Breaking any rules will regard in a three-step punishment. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, some steps may be skipped. This goes for both member and visitor.

First Warning - Verbal Warning.
Second - A kick with a 24 hour ban
Third - Permanent Ban.

Pack Rules

1. By no circumstances, shall you join another pack. In DawnRunners, you are loyal to one pack only, despite of how many wolf characters you have. If you have one wolf character in our pack, you cannot join a pack with your other character.
  • I want to stress this is only towards IRC packs. You CANNOT be in another IRC Wolfpack.

    2. Treat others as you expected to be treated. We are all humans behind this computer screen, therefore, do not treat people like they do not exist.

    3. Please DO NOT IDLE WITHOUT AN AWAY NICK! I cannot stress this enough. Guests: if you idle without an away nick, you will be kicked after an hour.

    4. Clones are not allowed within the pack, as we thrive to remain one wolf per person. Members however, can pledge a new wolf character if they desire, but that wolf cannot advance beyond Pledge until their wolf in the Pack is no longer a DawnRunner. It is highly suggested to speak to the Council before making any switches. This rule only applies to wolves already in the Pack, and has to be in the pack for more than 6 months before switching out a wolf. Revised: 2/29/16

    5. Drama is prohibited. By no circumstances, shall drama be in our channels. We do not mind in character drama, but drama will NOT be tolerated in #DR*OOC, in our Private Messages, nowhere. You will be kicked and banned on spot if it occurs.

    6. If you desire to pledge yourself to Dawnrunners, please be active. We do not stress an activity rule, but it is common sense to be online for you to advance to the next rank. We desire nothing but active wolves in our pack, so if you think you won't be active, this isn't the pack for you.

    7. Harrassment of any of our members, will cause an automatic ban for 24 hours. Depending on how harsh the harrassment, it may go between a week, to permanent.

    8. No Magick/Shapeshifting of any kind. No strange fur colors, no supernatural powers. We are realistic wolves, therefore, use realistic pictures when roleplaying in our pack.

    9. This pack is 14+ (age suggested, not required when joining). Swearing may occurr, sexual topics may occurr in the OOC channel, and violent imaging may be seen in #DawnRunners. If this offends you, this isn't the pack for you. Parental approval may be needed if under 16.

    10. All members, guests and assessments, must be in both #Dawnrunners and #DR*OOC. No exceptions.

    11. Scripts are prohibited in the channels. You may use aliases and ooc scripts, but nothing else
    . - You may only use specific colors that are generally appealing to both black and white backgrounds. No bright blue, no yellow, nothing eye-gouging.

    12. This is stressed to curious visitors, but it applies to everyone: Do. Not. Zoom. Zooming means to enter the channel, then leave instantly. If you want to visit, you may do so, but it is rude to suddenly enter and exit without a reason. Doing so will result in a 12 hour ban.

    Hunting Rules

    1. All hunts will be roleplayed in #Dawnrunners

    2. Only a Council Member, or Hunter, may call on a hunt. It is recommended that the Hunter calls the hunt before anyone else on the council, and lead it.

    3. No visitors may use our hunting grounds or eat from our cache, unless it is granted by the Alphas or Betas.

    4. Please keep postings short and in order. This is to avoid having a lengthy hunts that is not needed.

    5. The Hunter or Council Member may ask anyone in the pack to play out the prey. Just keep in mind, that not all hunts are successful, and that injuries will occurr. Realism is key to keep it interesting.

    6. Pups may start observing pack hunts when 6 months old, but it is prefered a Guardian or Parent is with them at all times. When they are 9, they may begin attending to them.

    Mating Rules

    1. Courting is recommended to remain in DawnRunners. In some cases, mating a lone wolf can be accepted, and it has to be permitted by both Alphas if outer-pack mating occurs.

    2. You must be an adult before mating. Courting may start when you reach a year old, but Mating doesn't commence till about 2 or 3 years old.

    3. Show the Alphas that you are indeed ready to mate before noting a Ceremony. Every ceremony happens at a Meeting, and it is normally a big, special celebration for both wolves. Interaction between eachother is key, in order to get Alpha approval.

    4. After being mated, be sure to realize you can begin breeding between the months; March to June. Make sure to find players for your pups. You may ask the pack for assistance regarding recruiting players for your pups. Newcomers tend to make the best pups, anyway.

    5. Gesgation takes 63 to 65 days, and litters can reach up to 7 pups. Mothers are normally in their den at all times during the birthing, and afterwards.

    6. Pups stay in their parents' den for a few weeks. They open their eyes 9 days after the birthing.

    Basic Channel Rules

    1. Only Alphas, Betas, and Elders may set autoOPs to new members. [Omegas, Packmembers, etc.] All Packmembers get a Op level of 6.

    2. Please keep cursing to a minimum. We rather no cursing, but there is allowed minimal cursing in the OOC channel.

    3. Those Opped may have access to change the topic, but the Alphas are entitled to changing the colors as they see fit. Suggestions allowed, however.

    4. Everyone must be logged into #Dawnrunners and #DR*OOC when they come on. No exceptions.

    5. Inactivity is assured within a month or two with noshow. You will be demoted from voice/Ops, and placed in an inactive list. Do not beg for Ops or voice when you return, as during this time, you may have to redo Assessment, unless you have a really good reason of why noshow. UELOA is unacceptable. {Unexplained Leave of Absence}

    6. Only Assessments & Honored Guests may get a voice. Regular visitors may not.